Beautiful and young impoverished parson?s daughter Hermia Brooke is happy with her simple country life, despite being shunned by her wealthy uncle, the Earl of Millbrooke, and her cousin, the spoiled and selfish Marilyn. In a chance encounter with a raffishly handsome gentleman, whom she decides resembles the devil himself, she nevertheless helps him with a stone stuck in his horse?s hoof. Rewarded with a golden guinea and a shocking kiss, Hermia finds her world turned topsy turvy when she meets the mysterious stranger once more at the behest of Marilyn, who is determined to trap this devil ? namely the Marquis of Deverille ? into marriage. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


Welcome to the Pink Collection from Barbara Cartland, a new collection of pure romance books from the biggest selling Romantic author of all time. If you enjoy Downton Abbey you will love Barbara Cartland. Book One of Two – The Cross of Love: When Rena’s father dies she is alone in the world, forced out of the vicarage that has been her home, with nowhere to go and no money. At the nearby grounds of The Grange, she finds three golden coins, which she hands over to the new young Earl of Lansdale. Book Two of Two – Love in the Highlands: When the Balkan Prince Stanislaus demands an English bride, Queen Victoria sends him Lady Lavina. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


The handsome and aristocratic diplomat Lord Athelstan knows he is heading for trouble on his mission to the Caucasus to investigate how long the legendary Shamyl, the Imam of Daghestan, can hold out against the invading Russians. But little does he expect to be faced with another kind of conflict, with a beautiful young hostage imprisoned in the Imam?s stronghold. The lovely Natasha is only 19 and she was seized along with a royal party by the Imam?s followers and held for ransom against the release of the Imam?s only son by the Russians. Orphaned, she has no hope of raising a ransom, and instead has reluctantly agreed to be given to the Sultan of Turkey for his vast harem in return for the release of her 9-year-old brother. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


Just seventeen, Lady Caroline Faye is already the toast of the season and is accustomed to the ways of genteel society. So when notorious cad Sir Montagu Reversby offers to drive her in his phaeton from London to Sevenoaks, she innocently accepts, little knowing that he is planning to fake a broken axle so she will be forced to spend the night alone with him at a remote country inn. But Lady Caroline is made of sterner stuff than the predatory Sir Montagu imagined. Escaping his lecherous clutches, she finds refuge in the imperious Brecon Castle, only to discover that her newfound haven and its master, Lord Brecon, harbour dark and terrible secrets. A murderous plot is afoot and Caroline?s innocent mistake will come back to haunt her as heartbreak and humiliation in the foreboding castle turn to hope and ardent, all-consuming passion. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


Princess Anastasia is about to be married, which should be the most exciting day of any young girl’s life. Pretty, impulsive, and wise beyond her years, it seems that the young princess will make an ideal bride for the lucky man. The only one flaw in the wedding plans is that she is not in love with her bridegroom. Commanded to marry by Queen Victoria, Anastasia is horror struck at the thought of an arranged marriage. Having dreamt of true love since childhood, she despairs that a marriage based on political allegiance can never be a happy one. Especially when her bridegroom, the handsome King of Maurona, is reputed to have a preference for anything French, including the seductive wife of Maurona’s French ambassador. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


Protected by loving parents, young, beautiful, and happy, Lady Ravina Ashley has the world at her feet. Unused to harsh words, she is taken aback when a stranger at a ball in London takes her to task for her behaviour toward a clumsy suitor. But Ravina hopes that one day she will fall madly passionately in love and refuses to think of marriage to anyone until then. With her parents away in the Balkans, Ravina leaves London to stay with her cousin, Dulcie, at the Ashley estate in Dorset. She is travelling with Sir Michael Moore, who has begged a lift in her carriage to his home a few miles from hers. To Ravina?s surprise, on the journey she once again meets the man who felt he had the right to criticise her behaviour, Sir Richard Crawford. The Marquis and Marquise de Castillon, together with their young son, Jean Pierre, were forced to flee France for England when the French Revolution broke out in 1789. Jean Pierre was educated at Eton and only returned to Paris when Napoleon came to power. It was not long before he joined Napoleon’s Army, survived the retreat from Moscow, and was badly wounded at the Battle of Waterloo. Whilst in hospital he becomes friends with Colonel Hubert Dawlish. They made joint wills leaving everything to the other.Jean Pierre, now the marquis, survived but finds his estate in ruins. Then the late Colonel Dawlish’s three children arrive, as he is now their guardian. Justina Mansell, the youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Mansell, is told that her sister has been invited to visit India, but cannot accept. So Justina jumps at the chance to go in her place. Her aunt arranges for her to be chaperoned aboard ship by the stately Mrs. Arbuthnot, who is travelling with her two daughters and her little terrier, Muffin. Justina is quickly attracted to the good-looking Sir Thomas Watson, who is most attentive and much admires her beauty. When the Arbuthnot ladies succumb to seasickness, Justina takes Muffin for walks along the deck. There she meets the solitary figure of Lord Castleton with his own dog. He knows her father and they strike up a friendship. When Justina is compromised in her cabin by Sir Thomas, even though she has given him no encouragement, she is forced to agree to become engagedl. Lord Castleton is not at all pleased by this turn of events, especially since Justina seems far from happy with her engagement. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


The Duke of Buckhurst, handsome, wealthy, a brilliant horseman, and known to everyone as Buck, has sworn that he will never marry. Cutting a swathe through the sophisticated beauties of the Beau Monde, who are drawn to his sardonic charm like social butterflies to a bright light, he has only one requirement for his amours: that they are safely married to someone else. That is until he discovers that his heir apparent, his dissolute cousin Edmund, has married an actress. Horrified that a common showgirl will become the next duchess and bring his family name into disrepute, the duke is forced by his family into finding a bride. Bored by the very thought of being tied to a young, inexperienced young woman, he sets his loyal sisters the daunting task of choosing a suitable wife within the month, so he can be married before the royal races at Ascot. With time running out, Buck?s sisters are in despair, until they meet innocent Lady Samala Wynn, the daughter of the honorable but impoverished Earl of Kenwyn. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


Orphaned young and cast upon the charity of her disapproving Aunt Willis, Elvira Carrisford has known little love and affection in her life. All looks to change for the better when Elvira is invited to become a companion to her lively cousin, Delphine, who is hoping to make a match worthy of her wealth and status. With only hazy childhood memories of her last visit, Elvira is unsure of what to expect, but is determined to make a good impression. Lost in a blizzard, and rescued by the enigmatic Serge, Elvira arrives at Baseheart Castle late, disheveled and in need of love and comfort from her family. But Elvira is stunned when her rescuer turns out to be the valet of the handsome French Prince intended for her cousin. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


The Earl of Bracken is meeting his good friend Captain Charles Kenwood at his Club on St. James Street. He has just returned from a visit to Syria where he had been introduced to Sheik Abu Hamid, the owner of the most magnificent Arab horses the earl has ever seen. They are both keen to buy horses from the sheik, who is reluctant to sell unless his greatest wish can be fulfilled. He wants to receive a royal princess as a guest at his house in the desert, so he can show his neighbours how important and prestigious he is. The earl and Charles concoct a plan to take a fake princess with them to Syria, but cannot think how they can find a suitable candidate until Charles suggests his beautiful sister, Vanda. The earl has another reason for this escapade, in that he is being ruthlessly pursued by the glamorous Irene, Lady Grantham, and is becoming disenchanted with her. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


Lord Robert Templeton is adamant that the responsibilities of his newly inherited earldom are not for him. Leaving his family home, Ledbury Hall, in the capable hands of his younger brother Alec, he plunges headfirst into the heady delights of London nightlife. But his carousel of gambling, drinking, and selfish pleasure is cut short and he is forced to return to home. Disenchanted by the society beauties that relentlessly pursue his handsome face and title, and willfully ignoring the attentions of an attractive but overbearing widow, the earl swears he will never marry. Feeling doomed to a life in the country, the earl is delighted by his timely acquaintance with Miranda Whitby, a childhood friend who once saved his life. Beautiful, capable and determined, Miranda inspires the earl to plan for the future of his estate. As their friendship deepens and the earl eagerly shoulders the responsibilities he once shirked, he is reminded of a promise he made Miranda many years earlier. But can a promise made as children withstand adult secrets? | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 10,78 €| | 10,24 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |